How to configure local integrated WebLogic non-SOA domain to access BPM worklist on separate SOA-enabled domain?

ADF and BPM task flow on separate domains? No doubt this is frequent issue for developers working with ADF/BPM.There are several advantages to have it working:
In my case the last one was most important. An application I was working on had interaction with BPM worklist through BPM API. Steps which I completed to access BPM worklist on remote SOA enabled domain from my integrated non-SOA domain:

 Provider URL - link to SOA infrastructure on SOA enabled domain.

 Those libraries can be found in "%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\jdeveloper\soa\modules". Of course SOA and BPM jdeveloper extensions should be installed to find these libraries here.

    <url>file: ORACLE_JDEV_HOME/jdeveloper/soa/modules/oracle.soa.workflow_

To do this follow steps:

When a domain is created, a unique credential is generated for the domain. If you want to establish trust between two or more domains, decide on a credential that will be shared by the domains, then specify it here and in the other domains. In our case it is non-SOA and SOA-enabled domains.

Thats it. It was enough for me to get things working. If it is not enough for You, check these links which helped me to set up this enviroment:

Weblogic version 10.3.6

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